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Dedicated team of reconciliation specialists

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We are a team of dedicated specialists with over 20 years experience in problem solving migration and reconciliation issues across a wide range of industries in the UK and internationally. 

Our history

With a diverse history from air traffic control, to marketing, finance and banking, Autorecon evolved to solve reconciliation issues across a broad range of industries.

Our specialities

We live and breathe data reconciliation, migration, and business intelligence issues. We can work with your existing database infrastructure, or offer complete data warehousing solutions.



 Scenario  Global bank is consolidating regional systems by migrating them to a central platform in Asia

Brief  To provide 100% guarantee of successful migration

Delivery  Driven by business requirements, the AutoRecon system is configured to validate the migration both at a high level, and detailed level for automated field-by-field analysis


 Scenario  Marketing department is affected by dirty, duplicated data from disparate sources such as telesales and in-house legacy customer database

Brief  Provide a single customer view for reliable and consistent targeted marketing, list generation, and reporting capability

Delivery  The AutoRecon system uses advanced ‘fuzzy-match’ capabilities to consolidate multiple records, with fully configurable type I/II focus, providing customisable business reporting and a targeted list management solution.


  Scenario  Air traffic control suffers from flight delays and capacity planning issues

Brief  To minimise flight delays whilst maximising revenue from airline allocated slots

Delivery  The AutoRecon system consolidates flight data from disparate sources (flight plans, radar, runway logs), facilitating data feed into aircraft simulation programs, and enhancing analysis and reporting capabilities   


 Scenario  Recently migrated banking division requires seamless continuity in business reporting and intelligence functions

Brief  To deliver a suite of bespoke financial reports on a daily basis for management decision making

Delivery  The AutoRecon system, following a successful migration project, also provides ongoing management information from day 1


 Scenario  Association of law firms with members across a range of jurisdictions seeks to collaborate on expanding and capitalising on their collective customer base

Brief  To consolidate and integrate member customer data with the global universe of IP transactions (eg patent, trademark applications)

Delivery The AutoRecon system uses regional rule-bases and advanced ‘fuzzy-match’ capabilities to consolidate multiple instances of customer data across jurisdictions, providing a globally enriched customer view


 Scenario  Global retail franchise is launching in a new country and requires a platform for business intelligence capability from day 1

Brief  To provide a scalable, rapidly deployed, data warehousing and reporting solution

Delivery  The smart ‘self-unwrapping’ Autorecon datawarehouse, with zero coding, is deployed. A robust process automatically handles missing or duplicate files, delivering reliable data on a daily basis. A flexible, parameterised model ensures that change management becomes a simple administrative task, significantly reducing DBA support requirements.


 Thank you for all your valuable support which was always appreciated. Your creativity, loyalty and your great performance is very impressive. 

Rainer, Dusseldorf 

 I would like to express my sincere thanks for your help, excellent work and overall presence throughout our project. Your contribution in our successful migration was remarkable. 

Apostolos, Athens 

 Financial Reporting Genius 

Emma, London

AutoRecon was decisive in producing a successful outcome to our project. The team were exceptionally efficient, and always flexible in accommodating our needs. 

Fernando, Madrid

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AUTORECON is a trading division of MC Administration Ltd, registered in UK, Company No. 6479422, January 2008, Registered office: 18 St. Mary's Place, Chippenham, Wiltshire SN15 1EN, United Kingdom